Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quijotes spring league finals

Last night were the finals for my ultimate frisbee spring league.

The first game was between the two teams that had lost at last week's semifinals.

I played in the second game; we were playing for first and second place.  Like many previous weeks, I was the only girl from my team who came.  Luckily, Hannah and Jess took turns playing with me throughout the game so that my team would have at least two girls on at a time.

Mary keeping score and recording stats

It was exhausting, as I played the whole game without subbing, but in the end we won! Yay Nardos (my team name)!

If you notice in the pictures above, we were playing on the nice turf fields again this week.  This is due to the fact that there continues to be a carnival on our dirt fields where we normally practice.

Terrible photo of the carnival in Aluche
On our practice fields!

So to celebrate the end of spring league, we walked through the carnival to the food tents for some food and drink.  I didn't stay too long, as Thursday would be an early day of teaching, followed by PICKING UP CHAD FROM THE AIRPORT!

Hannah and Max at the Aluche summer carnival

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