Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good beer in Madrid! May 18, 19, 20

Yesterday afternoon I went to the first Feria de Alimentos de Madrid y Cerveza Artesanal, with over 100 different types of beer.  Spain doesn't have much variety in beer, so this event was a breath of fresh air for the taste buds!

When you enter, what most do is pay 5 euro to receive a glass, guide, and a coupon for one free consumption.

Then using that glass at all of the booths, you can buy different beers from 2 - 4 euros.  I think that if you don't buy the glass you can still buy bottles of beer at the booths, but it will cost more than 2 euros (don't quote me on this!).

If you get hungry, or feel yourself getting a little fuzzy in the head, there were many local food options as well.  Mini hamburgers for 1.75, sausages for 3 euros, little desserts and pastries for .50, cheeses, tapas.  And the guide tells you which foods you should eat with each type of beer!

It was a really enjoyable afternoon, and the event is taking place all weekend.  It's open until 10pm today so it's not too late to go!  

What: Feria de Alimentos de Madrid y Cerveza Artesanal
Where: La Cámara Agraria de Madrid
Metro: Puerta de Ángel
When: May 19 (12:00 - 22:00), May 20 (12:00 - 18:00)
Cost: 5 euro for a glass, guide, and free consumption of a 2 euro beer.  Beers range from 2 - 4 euros, food things range from 0.50 - 6 euros

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