Sunday, May 20, 2012

Barcelona: miscellaneous photos

To finish up my series of Barcelona posts, I'm going to end with some random photos of things that caught my eye while exploring the city.

Azafran at a market - note the prices

When I took this picture, I thought it said Kokopelli, and was instantly reminded of Kokopelli Kafé.

A yellow, yellow side of a building near my hostel.  Someone told me that yellow paint is some type of insulation spray/paint or something?  I've seen walls like this in Madrid, too.

A sign in the Joan Brossa Garden in Montjuic.  What does it mean?!

"Too soon bro" written underneath Barcelona's "World Trade Center" on a sign

A really tall human pyramid that we saw just outside of the Sagrada Familia

Ping pong is popular in Spanish parks

An ad in the metro.  The blue person says "I speak English".  The small orange person says "I don't speak English".  Umm alright.

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