Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy (Spanish) Mother's Day!

Today is (was..) Mother's Day in Spain.  (Mother's Day is next Sunday in the states -- May13.  Just a head's up for my American readers...)

So I'd like to wish my mother a happy (Spanish) Mother's Day, and happy Teacher Appreciation Week, which begins tomorrow!

My mother (center) being awarded the Outstanding Catholic Educator award in March 2012.
She then went on to win Outstanding Educator of the Year in the Madison Diocese.

I couldn't call home though, because I spent the afternoon and evening out at an art event, "Los Artistas del Barrio".  The event took place both yesterday and today in studios and apartments of various artists throughout Lavapiés and La Latina.  It was an afternoon well spent and I'm so glad my friends decided to go.  I'll post pictures and details tomorrow.

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