Sunday, May 20, 2012

Badger Blogging Blitz: Day 0

A few weeks ago I saw on a LinkedIn group that some UW-Madison alumni would be blogging every day for a week about their lives as English teachers in South Korea.  It was called "Badger Blogging Blitz," since there were seven Badgers participating in the blogging event.

As you can see in their posts, they would write about their day, hour by hour, then answer a question or two that had been submitted to the group.

I thought it was a neat idea, so this week I'm going to do the same.  I haven't had the time to organize the event with other auxiliares bloggers, but if I wait any longer the school year will be over.  So for now it's just me. (Though if you are an auxiliar with a blog and would like to join me, please do!)

In addition to being a resource for any future auxiliares or anyone considering applying to the program, I'm hoping this week's blogging will show that my life in Madrid isn't that different from everyday life in Madison.  People in the states tend to think that if you live in Europe, for example, life is fabulous all the time.  Sure, living in Madrid has definitely got its perks; but daily life is comparable to living elsewhere in the states.

For now I'll use the questions that the Badgers in Korea used, but if you have your own questions about teaching/living in Madrid, please leave them as comments to this post and I'll answer them during the week.

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