Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Calafell beach tournament: Sunday

I wake up after a night of drug-induced sleep with no pain in my ears, but they're still plugged and I can't hear so well.

Since I'm wide awake, I head down to the fields with Hannah and Herm for his 9.30 game, even though I don't play until 11.

There's no fog today. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous playa (beach). 

Our first game was very close.  We ended up playing to a cap, and won 9-8.  I think we took our team picture after that game.


Our last game was not as close and we lost, ending in 8th place overall!

Guess what team made it to the finals?  (Look for the yellow)

Finals: Quijotes vs. Fendisc
My team from Madrid, the Quijotes & Dulcineas, made it to the finals!!  The other team, Fendisc, is from Santander.  When we played against Fendisc at G-Spot the other week in Belgium, we didn't score any points against them.

I loaded up two plates for lunch and sat in Herm's sun-tent (beach-tent?), anxious to watch the finals.

Q&D circling up before the finals

But before the final game began, there was a quick dog-frisbee show thing.

Okay, back to the game.  Some pics:

Nice defense


Time out

Quijotes were in the lead I think the whole game, and they won!!


Post-game circle

Post-game balloon game

And then it was time for the awards ceremony.  Here are the Quijotes & Dulcineas receiving first place!

It was quite exciting because I don't know the last time the Quijotes have won a whole tournament -- and it was a beach tournament on top of it all!  (We get zero practice playing on beach, living in Madrid).  And I got to witness it happen.

There were four of us from Quijotes (myself included) that played with other teams at this tournament, so they called us over to take a group picture with everyone, which was nice:

#1: Q & D 

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