Friday, June 15, 2012


Since I finish teaching at 12:30 on Tuesdays, we went on another day trip this week (last week we went to Toledo on Tuesday).  This time we went to Aranjuez, a small town 48 kilometers south of Madrid (about a 30 minute Cercanías ride).

I didn't get home until around 1pm from my school.  Once we were ready to go, we took a bus to the Atocha station where we then took a Cercanías train (C-3) to Aranjuez.  Since we arrived there after 3pm, our first agenda item was to find lunch.

We found a menu of the day for 9.50 euros.  We both had arroz cubana as our first plate.  It's a typical dish with rice, tomato sauce, and a fried egg.  Ours came with bacon, too.  Chad had steak and potatoes for his second course and I had lasagna.  He tried flan for his dessert, and I had a cinnamon and sugar crepe.

From there we stopped at the town's tourist office for a map and suggestions.

We took the map and wandered around for the next couple of hours.  Aranjuez had such a different feel to it than Madrid, yet it was only a half hour away.  There were gorgeous gardens/parks (with peacocks!), streams, and architecture to keep our eyes busy:

I think we got back to Madrid around 9pm that night, but I was especially exhausted.  I had to finish some things for class the next day and get some blogging done too, so naturally I stayed up far too late (early?) working on that stuff.  I didn't realize until the following day that this had been Chad's penultimate full day in Madrid!

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