Saturday, June 30, 2012

Breakfast burger?

On Friday afternoon our friend Chris had some of us over to make this special hamburger that he's been talking about for weeks (I'm not sure if the burger has a certain name or not...).  The bun of the hamburger is actually french toast.  And the burger meat has caramelized onion and two pieces of bacon broken up inside of it.

Hannah made the french toast, Chris cooked the burgers, and I was the set of clean hands, doing whatever they told me to do.

Hermann ate the first finished burger.  Those things were delicious, but very very filling (and probably not so good for the health). Mmmmm yum.

You're supposed to eat them with syrup, but since he's relatively new to Spain, Chris didn't know that this country doesn't have syrup.  I just put ketchup on mine.    

Have you ever eaten a burger with french toast as the bun?  What's your favorite burger?

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