Monday, June 25, 2012

Lightening the Keys

All year I've had a heavy set of keys:  Two keys for Gregorio's apartment.  Two keys for my apartment.  Three keys for my Tues/Weds school.  A key for my Mon/Thurs school.  They add up.

I went to my Mon/Thurs school this morning (at noon) instead of at my normal afternoon time because I had lunch plans with people from my Tues/Weds school.

I had talked with the Mon/Thurs English teacher on Friday morning, and she said it was okay if I came at noon on Monday.  Later on Friday evening I realized I had two missed calls from this teacher around noon on Friday.  But by the time I saw the missed calls that evening she no longer would have been at school so I didn't call back.

She wasn't in her office when I arrived at noon today, because I guess on Mondays she only works afternoons (which is why she must have called me back on Friday, when she realized this).  She had given the consejería woman something I needed to sign, so I signed it then went to the library to upload all my files I've made this year to Dropbox (to easily give them to the teacher).

By 12.30 I was handing in my key and saying goodbye to the two consejería ladies.  It was strange not to say goodbye to the English teacher, but I thought she wouldn't be in until three or three thirty, her normal afternoon arrival time.  Later when she replied to the email I had sent her with the dropbox link, she said that she missed me by 5 minutes this morning. Oops...

From there I went to my Tues/Weds school to meet up with the morning English teacher, the other auxiliar, and some students from one of our classes.  We drove to Rivas and ate at a Chinese buffet for lunch.  The sobremesa lasted until 7pm, so it was a long (but normally Spanish) lunch.  During this chatting after lunch the teacher asked both Kay (the other auxiliar) and I for our keys.  I gladly handed over the three keys I'd had on my chain all year, excited that this meant I didn't have to work on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week as I had feared.

At the end of this week I'm moving back to Gregorio's apartment before my July travels begin.  So I'll soon be turning in my apartment keys here as well.

As to whether the keychain will get heavier or lighter this fall, only time will tell.

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