Saturday, June 23, 2012

Last Class with Pablo

Pablo is one of my current private students that I also taught when I was a student here from 2009-10.  When we said our goodbyes in 2010, I had no idea I would be teaching him again fall of 2011.

"Last class" with Pablo in 2010

It was really great  a) to see him again this fall, and  b) to be able to continue giving him classes this year.  The family is wonderful, and this year his younger brother Sergio would sometimes join us for parts of his classes.

Although our normal day for class has been Tuesday this year, today (Friday) I had my final class with Pablo in 2012.  

He gave me a picture of us that his mom had taken on his birthday, in a frame that Pablo had made and decorated.  His mom also got me a cute little summer purse.

Last Class with Pablo in 2012
Like last time, I don't know when I'll see Pablo again, but I'm grateful I was able to spend another year working with this great kid!

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