Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bavarian Sausage and German Beer Fest

On Saturday my German friend Max hosted a Bavarian Sausage and Beer Fest during the day.

He served us Brezels (pretzels), German beer, and two different types of German sausage.  The name of the first type escapes me now, though I'm sure Max will soon remind me.  (Update: He says it's called wiener).  They are pictured in the top left picture of the collage. 

The second type of sausage, which we were prohibited from eating with ketchup, was Weisswurst (White sausage).  Max taught us two possible ways to eat the sausage.

One way was cutting the sausage in half lengthwise, as seen in top-right photo of the collage.  You then turn each half from the middle out, removing the skin as you're turning each of the sausage halves.

The other way involved using two holes that are in the skin at both ends of each sausage.  You suck the sausage out of each opening, using your teeth to push it out.  We had some good laughs trying it this way, but one must immerse themselves in the culture, no?

It was a great afternoon of good food and company, plus I enjoyed learning more about German food and festivals.  I'm so happy to have friends that will plan this type of event on a regular Saturday afternoon; thanks for cooking, sharing, and teaching us Max!  


That evening we went to another teammate's apartment to watch the Spain vs. France game.  This teammate lived on the fourth floor of an apartment with a terrace roof.  During half time we all went up to check out the great views.