Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chad meets ultimate frisbee, in Madrid

Since we had gotten home after three in the morning after going out Friday night (and probably from constantly being on the go since Chad arrived), we ended up sleeping in past noon on Saturday.

We ate lunch at home, then I took Chad to a park in my neighborhood that has a pretty great view of Madrid.  After the walk we went to Saturday ultimate frisbee pick-up at la Almudena, since Chad will be playing in an ultimate frisbee league this summer but has never played before.

One of my Spanish friends asked me (about Chad), "Are you sure he's never played before?  He's knocked down at least two discs from me on defense, and has caught lots on offense."

We played from 6pm to about 8.30pm, then headed back to my apartment to shower before we went out.  My ultimate frisbee spring league ended this past Wednesday, so some of the team was going to botellón Saturday night to celebrate.

In Spain, botellón is an alternative to bars and clubs, and consists of a huge gathering of young people drinking in a public space.  Everyone buys their drinks in a grocery store or shop ahead of time and brings them along.

On our way to the botellón we picked up some chicken kebap for dinnerwhich is a must-eat for my visitors in Madrid because I love it so much.

I told Chad that we should try to take the metro home that night (which closes at 1.30am), since we had to wake up at a reasonable hour on Sunday to go to the Rastro.  The Rastro is Madrid's huge outdoor flee market that takes place every Sunday morning - a must-see for anyone visiting Madrid.  Since we'll be out of town next weekend, this Sunday would be our only chance to go.

But we are in Spain, so the plan to meet in Aluche for botellón at 10pm meant that Chad and I arrived at 11, and others even later.  We didn't make the metro, which was expected.  We took the night buses home again, this time arriving back at my apartment a bit before 6am - a typical Spanish night out.

As the sun started to rise and the birds were chirping, we went to bed.  Would we be able to wake ourselves up for the Rastro?  Stay tuned!

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