Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spanair refund received... 4.5 months later

Remember when I bought plane tickets back in December for a flight in February, only to have the airline go bankrupt at the end of January?

I went to my bank to try to get a refund back at the beginning of February.

On May 17 I grabbed my refund paperwork and headed back to the bank, since I still hadn't received the refund.

Last night I pulled some money out of an ATM using my bank book, so the book was updated automatically.  Imagine my delight (and surprise) to see that I had received my refund on May 18!

So the winner of that second contest is Luke, who guessed I would get the refund by June 12.  As soon as I have his new address *cough, cough*, then I can send him his prize postcard.

This is just one example of why patience is necessary to live in Spain.

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