Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday

We slept in on Monday, after a busy weekend of:
I believe by the time we woke up, we just decided to wait a bit for lunch instead of eating breakfast.  And then my roommate Alex told me that he was going to make lunch for all of us today before I left for work.

And now here's Chad's take on the first half of Monday:

Guest blogger: Chad

On Monday Rebe had to work 2-6pm so I had some time to hang out and look at job stuff for when I go back to reality in another week.  Fortunately, I was able to stall again because Rebe's roommate Alex stays home during the day studying and watches his nephew in the afternoon.  So he practiced his English by talking to me and I "learned" some easy Spanish phrases so I no longer have to stare at them blankly when they say something to me in Spanish.

Some examples include:
¿Te gusta?- do you like it?
Me gusta - I like it
Yo soy ingeniero civil - I am a civil engineer
Hasta luego- see you later
¿Como estuvo tu dia? - how was your day?
¿Como te sientes? - how do you feel?
Puedo hacerlo - I can do it

Then some general vocabulary and differences between "to be" words: "yo soy" vs. "yo estoy".  While I still look to Rebe immediately when I am spoken to, pretty much everything I learned can be responded to with "bien".  So if it sounds like one of those things, or even if it doesn't, I just say "bien" and they get really excited and praise me for learning Spanish haha.

Rebecca here again -- After I got back from teaching on Monday, Chad and I went out for some tapas in the Noviciado area with some of my friends.  Tapas are a variety of appetizers that normally come with every drink you order at a bar.  You can also order a variety of tapas and combine them to make a meal, but on Monday we just ordered drinks and ate whatever tapas came with them.

If you're looking for some more substantial tapas, head to La Blanca Paloma (just up the street from JJ's in Noviciado). Here a 4 euro beer (large beer, not a caña) comes with a plate of tapas for each person in your party, plus you'll also get a plate with a fried egg and bread.

What: La Blanca Paloma
Where: c/ Espíritu Santo, 21
Metro: Noviciado
Price: Caña - 2.50, Jarra - 4.00

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