Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pizza in La Moraleja

On Friday afternoon Gregorio called to see if I wanted to have lunch with him and his mom; she was in the mood for pizza.  I hadn't eaten yet, said yes, and they came to pick me up.

They had been out and about driving around because Gregorio's floors were being done, so they couldn't be in the apartment until 10pm.

We went to a pizza place in La Moraleja -- an upper class pijo area in northern Madrid.

Gregorio ordered some chicken as a starter.  It was delicious:

Then we each ordered a pizza, and Gregorio told the waitress to make them all larges.  They were huge!  

In the states this wouldn't be a problem, but doggie bags don't exist in Spain.  Either you eat it, or it's thrown away...

Gregorio and his mom both finished their pizzas, and I nearly finished mine.

I was stuffed to the brim, but Gregorio and his mom got the usual post-lunch coffee, and then Gregorio ordered chocolate fondu for two.

After lunch we drove around the area for a bit to look at the houses, but I was disappointed because you couldn't see much.  All of the houses were surrounded by ugly fences and gates or tall bushes so that you couldn't see anything.


  1. I remember one time walking around the neighborhood "Puerto de Hierro" (not far from the Barrio del Pilar, where I lived at the time). Super pijo houses in this quiet little neighborhood, lots of shrubbery, etc. Well, in front of one place, as we walked by, the automatic sprinklers kicked on, aimed at the sidewalk! They were deliberately watering our feet so we wouldn't even dare to walk on the (public) sidewalk!

  2. Oh wow! We didn't see that, but I'd believe it!