Monday, June 18, 2012

Mix up your daily routine

Today I wanted to stop at my library and post office before going to work, so I walked to both and then just decided to keep walking to my Mon/Thurs school despite the heat.  (That school is about 40 minutes walking from my apartment, but with all of the errands I was out walking in the heat for about an hour).

On the way home, I didn't feel like going underground to the metro but it was still really hot, so I took a bus back to my neighborhood.  My metro stop is right next to my apartment, but this bus stop is a block away.  So I had a mere block's walk to my apartment that I normally wouldn't have taken today.

On this short stroll I saw a couple piles of books on the sidewalk next to one of the trash bins outside.  Score!

Without hesitation, I immediately crouch down and start going through all of the books.  I love getting used books in the states, but free used Spanish books seemed even more wonderful to me.  This is what I ended up taking home with me:

I remembered studying and reading chapters of El Conde Lucanor in one of my Spanish literature classes, so I figured that'd be a good one to have.  I'm hoping to use some of the pages from the kids' books and magazine for craft projects.  (Remember how crafty I am now in 2012?  It all started with my DIY kindle case...)

I was also excited for this find:

It's a memoir about the education of various post-civil war generations of Spaniards in the Franco-led Catholic nation.  It looks like a good read, and will hopefully give me more insight into where Spain's education system was at during Franco's regime, and how it's changed since his death.

Takeaway message: Do something different from your daily routine today!  It can be as simple as taking a different route home.  Walk instead of drive/bus.  Or bus/drive instead of walk.  Call or email someone you haven't talked with recently.  Eat breakfast for dinner.  Get out some paints and do something messy.  Make a meal if you normally eat out.  You get the picture -- something that's not a part of your usual routine.

I took the bus home today when I normally take the metro, and I ended up with an armful of free books.  What did you do differently from your routine and what was the outcome?

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